Move to Nordics connects Nordic startups with talent outside of the Nordics. It is a platform where talented individuals that are considering moving to the region can find useful information about working in the Nordics and an overview of available startup jobs in the region.

The project is funded by Rising Noth and owned by SUP46 (SE). The other project partners behind the project are; Maria 01 (FI), Icelandic Startups (IS), SLUSH (FI), Malmö Startups (SE), MESH (NO) and Techbbq (DK)

About Rising North

Rising North aims to help Nordic startups become global leaders by financing unique spearhead projects and initiatives organized jointly by Nordic organizations. The 1,5M EUR fund is operated in Finland by the Startup Foundation, which is a non-profit founded in 2012 to support entrepreneurship and startups.

About SUP46

SUP46 was founded in 2013 and is one of the leading startup hubs for fast-growing tech companies in Europe today – with over 150 member and alumni companies. Through a world-class ecosystem of investors, advisors, mentor companies and partners, SUP46 provides startups with a competitive advantage.

About Maria 01

Maria 01 is a community campus for the startup ecosystem. A league of tech entrepreneurs and investors building the future. We are home to the next generation of tech teams working side by side with venture capitalists, established companies, and the extended ecosystem to help each other succeed in the competitive startup environment.

About Icelandic Startups

Icelandic Startups is a community driven startup organisation and serves as one of the key builders of the Icelandic startup ecosystem. We help startups grow within and out of Iceland by accelerating their businesses and connecting them with industry experts, investors and leading startup hubs abroad.

About Techbbq

TechBBQ is a two-day international tech-startup summit in Copenhagen by and for the startup community. Every year a dedicated team works tirelessly to link entrepreneurs with the world, providing startup ecosystems with cutting edge insights, business opportunities and network.


Slush brings together the leading actors of the global tech scene to Helsinki for something very special. In 2016, over 2,300 startups, 1,100 venture capitalists, and 600 journalists from over 120 countries came to Slush to drive business, and to experience the phenomenal atmosphere.

About Malmö Startups

Malmö Startups is a startup community organisation built for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, and working to build a better startup ecosystem in southern Sweden through their work with talent, venture capital and startup events.

About MESH

The biggest startup hub in Norway, with 700+ members in more than 10.000m2 in central Oslo. Mesh host more that 650 events a year, the natural meeting point for entrepreneurs in the region.

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